Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First five duped, ready to send off to CDBaby...

The first five copies that will go as the initial fulfillment to CDBaby are now prepared. I went to FedEx/Kinkos to print out the first five covers. This was expensive, so my cost per disc for these first 5 including printed covers, jewel cases and media is about $6.40 per disc. Therefore, if I sell any of these initial five at the price I plan to charge, I will not make anything. But this was less a concern for this disc, now that I see how the digital distribution works: these discs are the seed crop for the legions of MP3s that can be endlessly cloned. If I need to restock, then I will arrange for a mass duplication via Discmakers at which point my cost per item will be very, very low. But I have sold more of the last release via digital distribution than via 'hard copy' (the numbers are semi-private, and also a semi-mystery, because the digital distributors reports are few and far between, but so far it's more: I'm sure it's possible to find out somehow how many I've sold, via soundscan, but that's something to explore another also,time).

I got an Epson Stylus Photo R200 printer. It provides a way to print directly onto printable CD or DVD media, so I printed disc art directly onto my CDs, and they look good.

Some other stuff: here is a write up of a gig I played locally (mid page, scroll down) with a picture. The editor of this local online newspaper was very kind to include this, it's a good article and generally positive.

Also, I will be playing Jammin' Java again, next month, July 18.


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