Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'genres', and making some of the music of the type i like

My plan is to put together an album of what I'm calling "nu-fusion".

Some of my favorite music was played long ago by Return To Forever, Stanley Clarke, Weather Report, Michael Urbaniak, called "jazz fusion", where it was thought of as being a cross between rock and jazz, or at least jazz and some other genre. Much of this music featured technical excellence and dazzling solos along with odd time signatures.

Now, other long ago music I liked was by Utopia, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Brand X, UK, Heldon. These also often featured more technical virtuosity/solos along with odd time signatures.

Since then, hip hop has emerged as the dominant mainstream influsnce-- it is difficult to find any popular song without some hip hop influence evident in the rhythm/drums.

So what I am calling nu-fusion has an element of technical virtuosity, odd time signatures, effects/electronics along with modern hip-hop influence.

I think my music thus far has been touching on all of these things but not integrating all of them, and so my next disc release will aim to integrate all of them. I plan to use the same 'formed stochastic' approach that I use to play live, where I've got a framework that I flesh out and modify as the performance goes on. Some tracks will be very long, some might be as short as songs you'd typically hear on top 40 radio. The tracks will be built up, and then performed over with live instruments and/or vocals, so I will be able to perform them live along with the computer-based portions.


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