Saturday, August 14, 2010

OK! OK! OK? You want the future here it is...

The two greatest threats to humanity are:

1) Overpopulation


2) "Faux" Religious Extremism

Here is why:

The plant is a limited space. Even if there are mechanisms for finding energy and wealth despite the current paradigm, space is limited. No amount of free energy and materiel will zatresult in a large scale off-planet colonization effort, we are just too far away from everything else.

Now, if a few chosen escape to other worlds, that is different, but I am referring to the majority, because if the majority perishes that is failure.

Secondly, re: 'faux' extremism. This refers to the fervent emphasis of select portions of whatever religious teachings while ignoring other aspects of the same teachings. There is some appeal to this direction in various quarters, but because the inconsistent emphasis is, well, inconsistent, it is imcomplete. Being imcomplete, it is imperfect. Being imperfect it is invalid. This should be clear.

But there are observed cases where the two potentiate one another, and this is dangerous.


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