Monday, June 14, 2010

My setup in the near future (?)

I am currently using Vista 32-bit Home Premium because it came installed on the notebook. I did have some issues with this, that seemed to relate to the video drivers, because Ableton support gave me an options.txt entry that solved the problem, which involved pops and clicks when parts of the interface were moved around.

Here is a video of what happened prior to this fix, and you'll hear some crackles fairly loudly around the 2 minute mark.

However, the optional switch fixed it completely.

At any rate, if I make a near term change it will be to upgrade to Windows 7.

Now, what about upgrading to another notebook. Let's say I would want to, although I am neither inclined nor materially positioned for such an upgrade.

I'd have to really think about that, because it seems like only really expensive notebooks are coming with firewire (IEEE 1394) and my audio/midi interfaces are firewire.

I do not know why so many notebook manufacturers have decided to forgo the firewire port, doesn't seem very smart. But anyway, I would follow my own advice here in the previous post if I were to upgrade, and avoid upgrading my notebook until solid USB 3.0 interfaces came out.


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