Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some music, rambling and such

As noted several times, I am an awful blogger. There are very few pictures, and not too many links of interest in my posts, there are spelling errors and run on sentences and poorly articulated concepts and semi-pretentious phrasings. I read some really stupid stuff that I've written, and don't go back to change it, also.

So here is a link, to music i've been working on, so this post has a link.

I've been reading about a lot of things recently that kind of fit together. For example "outsider art" or "Art Brut" or "Naive Art", where people with very little or no training execute works that are considered as actual art by the people who consider those things. Then read an article about Adolf WÖLFLI who sounds like he had a horrible life and did horrible things and went horribly insane, but created these amazing artworks.

And then I read about William S. BURROUGHS who had a pretty good start in life but then it went horrible and he did truly horrible things and wrote stories that had horrible things in them that garnered great critical acclaim. He either squandered a perfectly good upper class existence so that he might ruin himself as a result of some psychological turmoil, or he suffered greatly having to be someone he did not value and so sought value in actions and places that were risky, bold and daring although ultimately fairly horrible and self-destructive.

Wölfli and Burroughs were very dissimilar in their upbringing. Burroughs was born into a situation where he was highly trained and educated, Wölfli was a peasant who was abused, neglected and scorned. They both became criminals. Burroughs fomented a psychological condition through self-administering illegal substances, Wölfli's psychological condition seemed to be a result of his experiences and he commited sex offenses.

Both of them end up finding their way into very difficult conditions that brought them into an inescapable state. Burroughs unintentionally shot his wife dead while playing a foolish game and managed to escape the legal/physical consequences but could not escape the psychic impacts. Wölfli was confined to a psychiatric hospital because of repeated sex offenses, and because he was violent: he could not escape the legal/physical consequences, and seemed to be composed mainly of psychic impacts.

Each of them attempted to "artist" their way out of their predicaments. Burroughs said that he had to write himself out of his situation. Wölfli seemed to think he could write himself into a new situation.

Burroughs discarded what could be considered "traditional opportunities for success". Wölfli never had any.

Both were first widely regarded as having produced work of dubious, if any, value.

Burroughs was highly educated and trained, but was a naif after his situation had become horribly disturbing. Wölfli was a naif at art but very experienced at being disturbed.

Now of course I had heard/read about Burroughs but had never heard/read about Wölfli until recently. I am very likely misusing terminology re: "naif" but the point is still that "moment of cognition" and the effect thereof on the psyche renders one childlike. The expression of the impacts of those moments ends up being a need.


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