Friday, February 05, 2010

ISS live feed, an 'anomaly'

I was watching the International Space Station live video feed, available here from 1pm to 1:08pm EST.

The view is absolutely incredibly wonderful.

While watching, I heard a very low, bass guitar low, voice speaking, unintelligibly, interspersed with some beeps, possibly answered by another voice of the same type.

Then the camera went dark.

SO, they were either having stream problems, or they have encountered the outer space version of Somali pirates.

But it is a wonderfully beautiful view.

[lol] there was a view of the space station, which was live moving video, and a view of the earth, which was a still picture. They were both pretty cool, but the view of the space station external, with a Soyuz visible, was the live one.


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