Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Die Antwoord is very interesting i think

I have been stricken by this South African rap rave project called Die Antwoord for a few reasons:

1) They use a "pc computer" to produce as indicated here.

2) They have a great sense of humor too.

3) They have done the viral internet thing very successfully.

4) They are 'putting it on' at the same time as 'being real'.

5) They are not US or Europe based, but South African, which is interesting.

6) They have that "serious not taking themselves seriously while being serious about what they are not seriously about" transcendant quality.

Because I am something of an anti-blogging blogger, I am going to summarize what I've read without really linking to cites, but you can find all this stuff by searching for Die Antwoord.

The "main character" in the project is Ninja, who is a performance artist who has been active in South African hip hop for some time whose real name of course is something else.

He has re-made himself into this image that he wants to emanate. He is intentionally vapid in that rockstar-ish way, being irritating when never really saying what his music is all about in the way that shows contempt for people who seem to feel like they are entitled to that sort of information, but it is clear that a lot of thinking and good production sense has gone into this project.

In one interview Ninja mentions the "filters" that exist between subconscious and conscious, and how the art he feels is most worthy is the art of children, madmen and criminals, because their filters are either weak or distorted in a way that allows those things that the rest of the world "filters out" to be made apparent.

I like this because it is Jungian in a way, it recognizes that creativity is something that is not controlled but "channeled" or guided out of some unseen part of us.

What I admire about this project is their success in the realization of their vision, and their use of the things around them. Their videos shot in South African sunlight, where the colors are so intense. Other people in the project, Yo-Landi Visser, who is beatiful, shrewish, angelic, demonic and... well, vuilgeboost all at once. DJ Hi-Tek, an amiable giant couch potato-esque everydude. Appearances in their visuals and videos by friends, including an unusual artist who brings an otherworldly aesthetic to their visuals.

Somehow they bring to light the "next level" surreality from this weird meld of bizarre and mundane and it is exactly what they are aiming for.


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