Friday, June 11, 2010

UEMA gets a new look

I hardly ever refer to this blog in this blog but when I do i usually say "UEMA" because it is too much to write otherwise. This is very bad web-sensibility, because if other people start calling it UEMA then new people might start trying to go to "" which is owned by a squatter, but then if you know that it is not what I call it but that it is what it is then you are cool and they are not, so maybe that is best overall.

So, it is for you, dear reader (and the singular is probably literally accurate) that I largen the fonts and brighten the colors somewhat overall, and re-arrange some things that did not work so well. Other links to other things will be added as well in the sidebar, also.

Also, soon exciting news about a gig in a major east coast metropolitatn area will be posted. It will of course be on an "off" night in wonderfully yet nattily bohemian location.

And those are your clues.


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