Thursday, January 01, 2009

Setting up some things...

I have two laptops for music, one for video visualizations. I don't have expensive video software, I use the NuVJ/Arkaos software for putting together visualizations that I compose, and I also have visualizer software that is "sound/frequency" activated, and two DLP video projectors.

I use multiple display/extended desktop settings to run the fullscreen version of the Arkaos software in, so I route that part of the desktop to the 2nd video display. There is a control UI that indicates which buttons on the NuVJ controller will launch which clips.

There is an issue in synchronization in that I cannot sync via midi with the NuVJ/Arkaos combination, unlike the "full" Arkaos which will receive midi sync and which is very nice but also much more expensive. It does have a bpm 'tap' button that actually works pretty well to sync up to the beat that is playing, and it also allows me to manually sync in multiples or divisions of the bpm clock beat.

I plan to use this equipment in the following way:

1) Attach one video projector to the laptop running NuVJ, and daisy chain the other projector to it, or...
1a) Attach the other video project to a music laptop which also runs a sound activated visualizer.

2) One music laptop running Live current version and another music laptop running Live one version back. Use a mixer to move from one set to another.

2a) Sync the two, for very large "orchestra" type sets.

I have several Midi control devices. I have gone kind of overboard with these things, but they are very fun, and each is not very expensive:

Korg nanoKontrol and Korg nanoPad
Frontier Tranzport, wireless controller
P5 Glove whose output is software mapped to MIDI
Joysticks whose output is software mapped to MIDI
An FCB 1010 Behringer foot controller
Custom "MIDI Guitron" double necked guitar-like controller.

Two MOTU ultralites for midi/audio interfaces. I have a couple of other midi/audio interfaces also, so I have one MIDI interface for each computer, if I want to do something musical on the video machine also. I also have a MIDI splitter to allow my main midi controller to feed both Live instances simultaneously.

I have an old Casio CZ 5000 midi keyboard that I don't use for live performance, but have used in "the studio", my home recording setup.

In the next day or so I will hook all of this up and put a video together of it working.


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