Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ok so I will tell you some things...

There have been a lot of ideas that i've been struggling with. The notions of education versus intuition, and higher thought versus instinct and perception.

People are animals, yet people are transcendant animals somehow. What I believe and what I've been taught to believe and what I believe people believe based on what they need to feel and what the world is going to become and what is naturally, physically, problematically more or less certain...

all of these things in my head and heart.

Here is a thing which is a big thing. There are too many people on the planet, there are more people every day. There will be so many people in some places, very soon, that it will be very difficult for them. What happens when this happens?

We want everyone to be able to set a path towards happiness. Everyone has a right to do this, we say. But in many cases it is denied, or obstructed.

Who are we to say how happines happens for one or another?

People who tell people what to do without telling them why it needs to be done are despots, idiots, the living damned.

There was a thing during WWII I read about, this is simplified, but in general:

There was a material used to kill people in concentration camps, a powerful insecticide, Zyklon B. In order to 'deploy' it, there was a person dispatched to go pick it up from a depot, another who would deliver it to a storage point, another who would dispense it into an unmarked container (which was illegal), another who would take the unmarked container to another, and another who would take it to the top of a building and pour it into a hole.

When poured into the hole, it would be mixed with water and turned into a poison gas that would be dispensed through shower heads onto a crowd of people.

The reason for this complicated chain was to avoid culpability, to ensure that the technical illegality vis a vis the letter of the law was minimized. So in this chain of events, the only portion that was illegal by design was the portioning of the substance into unmarked containers. The person actually pouring the poison could not confirm or deny the nature, amount or potency of the substance being poured into the hole in the building, nor could describe where the substance poured down the hole really went.

No single point of complete knowledge, by design.

You should remember that, this is an important social mechanism.


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