Tuesday, October 07, 2008

had the most amazing dream...

I haven't been feeling very well, been fighting a cold. EVERY time the seasons change I start fighting a cold type thing. anyway... took a bit of Alka Seltzer liquid nighttime cold medicine last night...

and it worked pretty well, slept very well, and had the most amazing dream.

I've been thinking about my mom a lot, a lot. So I dreamed all these wild things about people that we both knew when I was growing up, that I was meeting them all again, in different contexts, and exploring places near where I lived that I had wondered about when I was just a kid.

There is a feature that recurs in my dreams, it's a big bridge. It is a bridge that goes waaaay up high, really high, in this amazing arc. In this dream, I was going across that bridge with people I love, my family, and I was driving. It was windy, and I was afraid to go over the bridge. It reminded me of some real things that had happened to me, driving on a very slippery road, or riding with someone on a very slippery road.

In this dream, the bridge had a bunch of different ways to go, an upper deck and a lower deck, but several of them, winding around almost. So I took the safest one. But it ended, in a construction site. We had to get out and walk! I was like... this is not real, but here we are, making good time. We were going to New York, Manhattan.

There was a construction crew, and they guided us through, several narrow turns and twists.

Then we came out onto this rooftop kind of restaurant/bistro, where there were people that were friendly, welcoming. They seemed familiar, like old neighbors, but that at the same time I did not recognize any of them. They seemed surprised, admiring, that we had made it this far.

But there was further to go, more rooftops to cross, we were in some kind of "not quite manhattan" place. However, this was a pleasant resting place, people where very friendly. This dream will continue later, another night, I think.

It was a wonderful dream, full of love, a bit of danger but good decisions made. I really enjoyed it.

I really enjoy my dreams most of the time.

If you are reading this, take some time to be with people you love. It's really a very good place to be. There is going to be a lot of pain in your life, and you really need to laugh and share with the people you love.


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