Friday, August 31, 2007

All kinds of things going on...

Working on setting up some performances in the University of Maryland area sometime int Sept/Oct. Going to be doing some more video soon (they take almost as long to upload as to actually produce, but they're fun). Some king of 'big progress" is going to happen soon, have a feeling. Is there anything interesting to put here? Let's sse...

have been working more with captured video and imagery. Just about any image can be turned into an abstract blast of visual texture with the effects and modifications.

Have hit kind of a speedbump, so am going to have to push a little harder to get things moving. As previously noted, I do not have keen marketing/networking ability and am somwehat beyond the 'can sleep in anyone's basement for chance at a gig' stage in my life. The quality of the output, though, is getting closer and closer to what I really want it to be.


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