Friday, March 30, 2007

MP3-Extension, new music download site

The first two Utenzil releases are available on MP3-Extension, an interesting concept in paid music download sites that pays for referrals.

You buy a track, and you get 10x the price of that track in your "rewards limit". If you refer other people to the site, you get paid. The concept is if you hustle you basically can get your music for free.

Now, I noticed that the prices of my tracks on this site are higher, $1.59 as opposed to iTunes . If you buy a track you have $15.99 for rewards, and if you refer people, get that back.

Will it work? It is a creative idea, what most independent artists lack is any kind of promotion, and this increases the the opportunity to get some exposure. Yes, people who simply steal music get it for free already.

There is a popular belief that as long as you are doing it for personal use, not for commercial gain, then it's not so bad-- if you buy one copy, you are somehow entitled to make more copies for personal use where that includes other people you are friends with. But that doesn't provide the opportunity to make back more money unless you cross the line of selling it for commercial gain. The MP3-Extension site provides the opportunity to buy it once and make money. My thought is that if it doesn't lead to spamming, it's got potential.

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Anonymous CharlieHipHop said...

Hmmm... I am of the opinion that it is impossible to "steal" music because music is its own advertisement -- the more people who hear and like your music, the more money you'll make, one way or the other. Plus, being a bit of a hippy, I believe that music, like love, not given freely is not music at all but a cold, dead commodity.

That being said, mp3extension seems reasonable enough -- basically $1.59 for ten songs, plus built-in promotion for artists. Hard to see how anybody's going to make money off it, though.

How would an artist go about getting their music listed there? The site doesn't make that too clear.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Utenzil said...

This was done via CD Baby's digital distribution agreement-- if you sell CDs through CD Baby they will convert your CD into MP3s and distribute to ODM sites.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Kabi said...

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