Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more depressing stuff! ... not really

So there is a time you can worry, and a time you can live. Some people live to worry, others worry about living. There are a lot of serious things in the world to learn and write about. You will read none of them here, however, at least not substantively.

My hard disk on my oldest notebook died the other day, or at least it seems to have died. I installed Win XP SP3, and after installing, the system was taking a long time to shut down, so I powered it off.

This was a mistake, first in a series.

Whatever it was doing at that time was essential to it's restarting properly the next time. The next time, it gave me the XP splash screen, then nothing. It should've been showing me the user icons, to log in, but instead nothing.

So, my next mistake. I took the hard drive out of the notebook, and attached it to a USB to IDE adapter, in an attempt to attach it to another Win XP system to see if I could run a chkdsk on it.

That PC recognized the drive as a disk device, but did not assign a logical drive letter.

This led to a merry chase through the XP help screens to find out about mounting a disk and assigning a logical letter.

One the cusp of doing just that, it appears that the hard disk was not recognized as 'readable'. I'm not sure why that is, but I will eventually find out.

So, I will need a new hard disk for that drive.

Now, what I *should* have done was to dig out my Win XP disk from where ever it was, and used that to boot, then fixed the disk. But I could not find it readily, and I was impatient.

Bottom line, then, I should have been more patient.

I am taking this, then, as a lesson in patience. But I'm kind of rebellious, and that goes with being impatient, I guess. But at least I wasn't stupid, or at least I was narcissistic enough to believe that the musical content on that drive was worth saving, so the important data was backed up.


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