Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogging is stupid. But, *how* stupid....?

I could write a lot of things that would be heartfelt, but which would not be good reading. I could write a lot of things that would be interesting, but likely not to you. I could express opinions, but nothing particularly original. I could start a lot of sentences with "I".

And so can you. As a matter of fact, so could everybody else with an internet connection. And you know what? They do. YES! it's true.

"It's" is the way to say "it is" with a contraction. The possessive for it is "its". The quote marks around those items indicate that I am isolating them from their more normal usage, and referring to them as objects of discussion.

I have a facebook account. I don't know why, exactly, but I do. However, I have found it's amusing. One thing that makes it amusing is that people have become my "friend" for no apparent reason. On myspace, it's apparent that people are trying to collect friends. On facebook, it is less apparent, because many of the people on facebook *actually know each other in real life*. YES! it's true. But also there are just people who pick off random friends.

Subsequently, somehow, a high school student has made me her friend. So I get these sporadic, inane updates on her activities and moods.

Now I see why older people say all the things about high school kids that they said when I was a high school kid. "Why do you have to have your hair hanging down in your face when you are such an attractive young person?" they would say. And, of course, the reason is that you do not believe that: in fact, you know for a fact that it is not so, because you see so many other people who are so much more attractive than you.

The other thing would be "Why do you want to seem older than you are?" and the answer would be that older people (not *too* old, mind you) get privileges that you cannot get.

Yet another thing would be "Why do you think you have to act like that?" and the answer would be "To get attention, and validation, because I am afraid, but I would never ever admit that."

So facebook away, young friends. You are much braver than I when I was your age. If it existed, I would not believe that anyone would be much interested in my facebook page.


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