Saturday, October 18, 2008


When I write, I try to let the words come 'naturally' and not think too much about what I will say next. Words are not very good complete expressions. There is a lot I need to express. So much comes out when you would like it not to, impressions and feelings come to the surface... "feelings" is not a very good word, neither is "emotions". More like psychico-emotive disruptions, or psychical vibrations... but that sounds ... "new age"....and so you have to write everything in "quote marks".

To experience psychico-emotive disruptions, where your interior self demands some expression, this is I think what I'm talking about.

There is likely a much better language than english for these sorts of things. "Angst", that is a good word, it sounds like it means, but then it's gotten stereotyped. Essentially, one's sorrow demands one's attention, one's perception of things not lovely interrupts one's need, not need-- one's societal obligation-- to continue in sanguinuity.

And so expression occurs. I cannot put it together in a blog.


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