Saturday, November 12, 2005

What was it I wanted to blog...

I was thinking about blogging something today that would be very thought provoking and had it all outlined and it has completely slipped away...

ok, ah! here is some of it.

There is a life cycle to companies, I think. I've worked at several different companies, in various stages. There was the heady startup, the basic static sweathshop grind, the behemoth anything for the bottom line company, the poorly marketed fairly good idea that folded up, the fanatic founder-driven extension of self, the franchise, the closely held niche provider of something mundane...

but basically, you build something into something bigger, and then it starts to die. Somehow, it starts dying: not just that it goes stale and then belly up, but it might become something very different, unrecognizable. It could be extremely successful but also be the killer of what it started as.

I'm sure there are MBA or economist types who have written books about this. Every business endeavor (maybe every endeavor) gets to a point where a decision has to be made to go a little further or not, it's a matter of being both adequately engaged and properly aloof to be able to see where it's all going and then make the right choice. Someone like me, I tend to grasp concepts that I find inspiring with zeal, and that gives me a lot of momentum. When that involves a job, and the concept that inspires me ends up being hollowed out, or basically gets trampled, then that is ... exhausting, I guess, exhausting is the word: it's becomes a drag that you end up pulling around like a dead weight, ultimately that's what it becomes. So there can be some difficulty arising, stemming from 1) reluctance to admit that the concept that inspired you has, in fact, been basically snuffed out, 2) some sheepishness over buying into it to begin with and 3) some anger towards the various forces and/or persons that you see as assisting in it's demise.

But if you look at it for a while you say, "Hey, you know, this and that part was what I breathed into the or painted onto the concept, but that other part, well, that wasn't my concept and it did pretty much stink, and I never really wanted to have anything to do with it, so just as well".

So the part that you really liked, that becomes part what you want to carry on and you do that or find someone else who does that and help them out with it. Because, here's the nub of that: nobody else may have seen what you saw in it all.


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