Thursday, November 10, 2005

podcasting expo in progress, other stuff

I have had the good fortune to have been included on a couple of podcasts, AccidentHash, hosted by C.C. Chapman and MWS Media podcast, hosted by Matthew W. Selznick.

Now, I must admit that in it's infancy, the thought had crossed my mind that the whole podcasting thing was a semi-clever way to get people to send the podcaster free CDs. But, having long ago worked at a centralized automated radio programming company, I know that you have to be more than a little dedicated to get a bunch of CDs and somehow categorize into genres, styles, etc. and store them. Moreover, these intrepids are dealing with truly "whatever"-- unlike the remote controlled channelled and paneled mass market mainstream radio, they get a disc and will tend to have little or no notion of what will spring forth from the speakers, and there is no notion of trying to aim for nice little format buckets like "Adult Contemporary". Also, neither of the above podcasts predominately consist of electronic music, they tend towards "alt rock-ish songs (both metal hard and folky soft) with lyrics" but that is only a partly accurate characterization because they are also willing to be eclectic and have played something as oddball (comparatively speaking) as Utenzil. Actually, I should say "Willing to Be Eclectic" because that is one aspect of what makes podcasts the kind of pleasant surprises they can be.

It makes me wonder if the total decentralization of music 'purveyance' will become the norm. I mean, most of the music you listen to in a day doesn't come as music you purchase or that you even have any control over. Most of the music that reaches your ears comes from anonymous speakers in the stores and restaurants and coffee shops, and from your car radio. Even for many who consider themselves avid "self guided music consumer" who wear a portable with headphones/earbuds, the set of offerings selected from was likely well pruned unless a concerted effort was made to tread the less traversed paths. It also strikes me that podcasting and subscription radio are made for each other. It also strikes me that the "segments" (for those who concern themselves with these things) will end up being incredibly specific and precise. The current culture will be disrupted more and more, definitely-- is this the end of advertising supported music radio?


Blogger MWS Media said...

You're at the Expo???? Me too! Let's meet!

3:11 AM  
Blogger Utenzil said...

argh :) did not mean to convey that impression, damn, wish I was! I noticed it was being held and it made me want to blog some thots. But I'd definitely be interested in hearing what's going on, will be checking out your blog.

10:35 AM  

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