Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A really interesting idea

I have a thing I do, to keep my mind sharp, and that is to look up words that I am not quite sure of the meaning of, but have some idea of. The word that occured to me was "cytocheme" but then I realized it wasn't "cytocheme" but "cytochrome".

So I looked up "cytochrome" and I thought 'ok, that is a part of a cell that has colors'.

And then I thought, "why should a cell have colors? Cells live in the dark.".

And then I thought about neutrinos, neutrinos that hit us supposedly billions of times a day. And neutrinos, when they hit something, are supposed to give off little blips of blue light. But then I thought about energy in general, how energy gets absorbed, and then wondered if the colors in cells were functional, so that when a cell got exposed to a certain kind of energy, it would cause some energy to be absorbed. And then I thought about neutrinos, blipping little blue blips of light, and sending those to cells, which would absorb their energy.

Isn't that interesting?

[edit] I am going to elaborate a bit on this if I may-- so, anywhere there is light in an otherwise dark place, that light will cause different kinds of energy to occur based on the colors surrounding it. Even if it is a very, very very small amount of light.

[edit edit] A little bit more, to tie in with previous posts, neurotransmitters deal with multiple signals at once. I am thinking they do this because they are surfaced with different colors when the little sparks go "blip".

[edit edit edit] and a little more: the reason medicines work in the brain the way they do is because they alter some parameter of the various colors involved.


and of course that is silly, because that is not how they work. But, it might be interesting that when neutrinos give off light in a place full of chemicals and different colors, that different types of energies are found.

In a very dark place, where only neutrino lights blip, the type of energy something absorbs or rejects from that light could be determined by it's color. So it is tranduced into that type of energy.


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