Wednesday, March 02, 2011

why The Stupid ?

In my previous post I mention The Stupid, to grasp the "moment of stupid". Why? Well, because from a 'quest for originality' standpoint, everyone seems to be going for "the clever", don't they? Do you see what I mean? No one will expect anyone going for The Stupid. It is kind of like 'The Producers' logic. Ha ha. Ha?

But, no, more ... well, a little more... seriously: The Stupid is the cause of so much suffering. There is a thing I remember reading about islanders in the Southwest Pacific, they share their dreams, and discuss their dreams. If one of them has a nightmare, he/she is encouraged to confront the monsters in their dreams, and to try to bargain with them or defeat them and cause them to give them a present.

There are other primitive cultures that regard all of life as a Dream, of course, and we compose The Dream as we move through it. So, listen:

Isn't The Stupid like a monster in our Dream?

We need to catch The Stupid and bargain with it, I think.

or is that Stupid?


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