Monday, January 24, 2011

An online acquaintance passes...

Recently, an online music community that I'm a part of suddenly lost one of our own, Martin Brown, from Toronto. He was one of these people on a music discussion forum, that always had something reasonable or interesting to say, a good sense of humor-- just someone you never minded reading their posts.

He was 39 when he died, on top of that, while his mother was preparing for the funeral, she passed away suddenly as well.

In response, a group of us formed an ad hoc collective, Quietman, and put together a tribute album. People from all over the world contributed and collaborated in different ways-- for example, I provided lyrics and melody to a reggae track by a fellow in Jamaica.

All proceeds go to his wife and three kids-- we have a lawyer handling the escrow fund. Please go to the links below and listen, and if you like it -any of it- please buy it. Thanks!
a link
and another


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