Friday, January 14, 2011

I feel like I have to say something about the guy that shot those people

President Obama had some wonderful words to say in Tucson, Arizona after the shooting incident there, about the people who were killed and injured, and the people who helped subdue the attacker and tend to the wounded. It was a very amazing talk.

There are lots of things one thinks and feels when something like this happens. You of course wonder why someone does this. I was a young man who was alienated, distrustful and skeptical, not particularly popular, feeling isolated and misunderstood, having no strong sense of purpose or determined and well-motivated direction. It is probably the case that a lot of young men feel this way.

But to be so out of sync, misaligned, self-absorbed, narcissistic... not sure what to call it... as to think that something like this is any kind of course of action... it is just overly bizarre.

One of the strangest things is how they have gotten pictures of this guy throughout his school years, year after year, looking like any normal middle-class suburban kid who had no idea he was going to grow up to go to prison and look like Uncle Fester.

You get very wrapped up in yourself as you come out of being a teenager, when you are that age it is actually pretty disturbing, you see yourself metamorphosing into an adult, and you have no control over that and it is nothing like what you thought you'd be. And this happens to everyone. It is difficult, not sure how that can be made easier.

It is disheartening, don't want to talk about it anymore., I'll just say this: it is never as bad as it seems, and there are parts that are very beautiful. This was a very bad post, sorry, just more babble.


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