Thursday, December 15, 2005

things I'd do a little differently...

This is really a very introspective blog, I'm afraid. Here are some items of possible interest that aren't about the Utenzil project.

Read about ETA Hoffman. I have some harebrained theories about history and culture. One theory is that conflicts always must be resolved, and also that there is a constant movement towards a homogeneity among global humanity (some might say this is a sort of entropy), that is wavelike/pulselike/systolic and diastolic/pendulum but not quite perfectly periodic. Maybe kind of logarithmically periodic, so that these peaks and valleys get further apart as more homogeneity is achieved.

Anyway, seemingly odd shifts in the otherwise orderly flow events will occur to ensure resolution and homogeneity. Another part of this is that there are key influences of the changes that are obscure, and even 'co-linked'. This fellow, whose life was really pretty unhappy on the whole, influenced many people mainly because they saw his work as the kind of art that imitates life in a way that illuminates life, and as a result ETA HOffman lies near the center of a cluster of very influential thinkers.

Looking back over the past year, there are a couple of things I did very well. I bought a powerful enough notebook to be able to run the software I like under a fairly heavy load. I chose a really good core piece of software that is flexible, powerful, intuitive and feature rich. I added some really good pieces to it, including some additional full featured sequencing and synths.

The music I released was spontaneous, varied and unique. I maybe could have spent more time, done better and been more meticulous but I liked what I put out and had fun. I wanted spontanaeity and was not trying to shoot for some particular genre or dance style.

Maybe one thing I'd do would have done better: bought a fancier i/o and midi interface. As it stands, I have a Tascam US-122, an M-Audio MobilPre and a Midisport Uno, and an Echo Indigo I/O, as well as my internal soundcard (output only, input is crappy). But then I was doing this incrementally, and these are all useful.


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