Monday, January 09, 2012

Actual Music Thoughts

As you may recall, as I dimly recall, this blog is about the hapless exploits of a musician exploring what he might do with electronic music. So he started this notion of "Utenzil", put together and played a few places and put out some CDs which got distributed via digital distribution and it was all very exciting even if not particularly lucrative.

Meanwhile, the world has been moving at a frenetic pace, the hardware and software improved and more and more electronic music riffs and effects first trickling, then flooding, into mainstream popular music, and Utenzil continues to belabor the obvious.

So, a new course into uncharted (well at least less charted... Not as clearly charted, maybe) music endeavors is needed.

There is a track on my soundcloud page that somehow has gotten a couple of hundred listens. A quasi-goal of the Utenzil endeavor was to avoid resorting to crass, expensive, exhausting and elaborate marketing efforts, in order to see if/how an audience might occur without being "pushed".

So I mentioned my site and tracks posted in various places in a few internet spaces (this is before social media, also) and then as social media grew, then there as well, but just mentions, not long running ads or bit campaigns or any of that crap.

That this weird orchestral track might find more popularity than the others posted along with it is interesting.
So I'm going to do more of that, because it's more unique, just as fun, it lets me experiment with my electric guitar, and it is almost entirely improvisational.



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