Thursday, September 15, 2011

So... we're not gonna git it??

This is just a brief update on the whole Comet Elenin thing.

The interesting thing is that WHAT I PREDICTED CAME TRUE:

1) Comet Elenin *was* hit by a solar flare!
2) Comet Elenin *was* transformed!!
3) [only part of what i predicted came true of course, but you see you have to have this]


We won't get to see a comet in the night sky with the unaided eye.

I was actually kind of looking forward to seeing another comet, but it looks like that will be hard to near impossible with this one: it is faintly visible at best. I've gotten to see two comets in my lifetime very clearly with the naked eye, and Elenin had promise of being a similar spectacle.

But... just because it doesn't have energy in the visible spectrum doesn't mean it still doesn't have some kind of energy. WAIT... it could still have transformed into some superheated plasma type stuff!! YEH, not only is it still a threat (no matter what anyone who knows anything says), it's *invisible*.

So there is still time for my terrifying faux-prediction to come true. I suggest you mentally prepare by buying some of my music in the form of inexpensive downloadable mp3s!! While there's still an internet!!!!

Anyway, there you go.


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