Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things...

There are people on twitter doing the "I Hate it When" thing. So, I will do the "I Like it When" thing here.

I really like pleasant weather. There are people who probably don't care about the weather hardly at all, it doesn't matter, they either are hardly affected or they workaround it when it is an obstacle, but I like pleasant weather and I am always grateful for it.

Another thing that I like, I like a lot, is when you go to the doctor and they help you get better. Sometimes you go to the dr. and it's like "well, it's a virus, it's going around" you can't blame the dr. but at least they know what it is. But other times you describe a problem and they prescribe a medicine or a treatment and it really works well and you actually get better.

I like it when I can spend money on my family and they enjoy what we get, like going out to eat, or something fun that is not too expensive.

When traffic moves smoothly, that is great. Like that a whole bunch.

A good conspiracy theory that I can use as an ego milksop, I really like those. For example, all of the people who are famous or powerful are so because they've cut some deal with Illuminati/Annunaki/Dark Side forces who will allow them to live large for a while until they are of no use, and then they will wither horribly into obscurity and death. So, even though I may be more talented and smarter than people who have much more notoriety and success, I am glad I have never made any such deals! (of course we all finally wither into obscurity and death, but anyway...)

I like it very much when technology works in a satisfying manner. It is just great.

When people read the same things you do, and you find that you can converse with them and it is interesting, that is really great. I enjoy that. I almost said something I don't like to contrast that to, but I won't do that. Suffice to say that discovering that someone is more like you than you realized and you have a good exchange of ideas is just great.

OK! that's enough of that. Have a good evening.


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