Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rapture that wasn't

It is sad that people emptied out their bank accounts to help the "false rapture prophet" advertise his findings.  On the other hand, what they did was to try their best to tell everybody about what they believed was important to know.

Harold Camping is maybe delusional, possibly onto something with the numerological interpretation, seemingly a "false prophet" in the Revelations sense, but he's certainly, absolutely made a huge blunder. 

I think at least some of his problem is his vehemence against other denominations. One of the biggest things that is supposed to happen prior to the Second Coming is the unification of all the churches, which in his writing he indicates are wholly subverted by the forces of evil. They are clearly not perfect, the recent abundant lawsuits relating to child abuse/molestation illustrating that, but at the very least he is using the documentation and teaching they've preserved for centuries to make his predictions and this should count for something.

He certainly seemed to apply some whiz-bang numerology, it is interesting. But there are things that make this year auspicious other than numerology. For one, the Orthodox and Western  church calendars are in sync regarding key dates (a "unification" of sorts).

My thought is that if there is to be some divine event around this time, it would happen on or after 6/2, which is the day of Ascension, or 6/12. which is the first day of Pentecost. Because it makes a wonderful poetic sense for a return on these days vis a vis the church calendar.

But as to the exact hour, as it's written: an unkown.


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