Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More about neutrinos, some independent research that intersects with my intuition

This intrigues me: a presentation regarding neutrinos and time and also the notions of "extra dimensions" and sterile neutrinos, which are even more weakly interacting than other neutrinos.

Now, I do not understand all of this, but the assertion is that string theory supports the concept of sterile neutrinos being able to travel extra-dimensionally. The presentation is a bit tongue in cheek, and mostly centered around the possibility of time travel, but it is interesting. It also makes me wonder if "sterile neutrinos" could account for the solar neutrinos that appear to be "missing" (the solar neutrino problem) but there are other theories about that.

But my wonder about neutrinos was not so much about the nature of them vis a vis the spacetime continuum, but more about whether or not brains were affected by them. It is a notion that I cannot prove, but the thought is that because we are basically swimming in a neutrino shower, that the stream of neutrinos might be useful for something with respect to life.

I'm wondering if neutrinos passing through our electrical brains might assist brain function in a useful way. The weak force has a very limited reach so it's effects are contained to very small particles within a very small range, and our brains are intricate bio-electric organs having many structures whose exact purpose has not yet been deterimined. Anyway, I am learning more and more about neutrinos by wondering about this, it might be completely silly and weirdly speculative, but the afore-linked presentation indicates that other far more educated actual physicists are not above being at least a little bit silly and weirdly speculative.

They of course propose an experiment to determine their hypothesis, I really can't propose an experiment to determine if naturally abundant neutrinos have an effect on the electricity brain just yet. I'm wondering if they have any affect on electricity at all, if there is some way to prove that. It might be something to consider if there is a sort of material or mechanism that somehow is both a conductor and a "neutrino sponge", whereby one could run an electrical current through that special type of conductor and a control conductor, to see if there are differences.


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