Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I hope to be doing more music soon.

I like to play music outdoors, so I'm hoping to do that.

Now, I've got kind of a problem, how do I relate it:

There are things that I have to do, and things I love to do (like music) and things that a person *thinks* I have to do (not music) and when that person who *thinks* I have to do those things sees me *not* doing the things they want me to, they get very agitated. Like, threaten me and my belongings, throw my stuff on the floor, spit in my face and call me names and shatter my emotional well being agitated. The, uh, audience for these events is a younger audience, comprising two people who I love very much.

Most of the time, there is a "detente" and we can cooperate, but I want more time to do what I have to do and want to do, not doing what someone else thinks I should do. Meanwhile, there is a veneer of civility that is presented outwardly.

It sounds ... fantastical, I know. But it is true. It is a very difficult situation, extremely stressful. This blog is one of the few ways I can outlet. If you read this, thanks, it makes me nervous to post this here but I just have to outlet.


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