Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spam to make you LOL...

This is very funny. On the other hand, I think it's great that the US gov't is leveraging gmail for it's communications.

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: U.S Treasury Department's Office

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 22:17:52 +0300

From: "Mr.Timothy F. Geithner"


U.S Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control

(OFAC)U.S Treasury Department's

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20220

Dear Beneficiary ,

I am Mr.Timothy F. Geithner, the Executive Secretary United States

Treasury Department

Main Treasury.

This is to bring to your notice that my office has taking over all the

money transaction originated from any part of Africa and Europe and

Asia countries as contract payment, Fund Inheritance or Lottery

Winning due to Unauthorized/incapability of financial

Institutions/security companies in releasing such huge sum of money

due to Fraud, terrorist and money Laundry activities going on world


The World Bank Group has Mandated the U.S Treasury Department's Office

via my Office to release funds to beneficiaries Hence Your Name

appears as one of The fund beneficiaries whom their fund was

successfully cleared for payment. Your money will be released to you

through an Online Banking System Payment by (HSBC) United States to

avoid paying excess charges.

You are therefore advised to re-confirm your contact address and

direct telephone numbers, to us for immediate release of your money,

Most importantly be aware that (one Million United States Dollars Only

(US$1, 000, 000.00) was allocated to you as the approved amount due to

you, as we have so many scam victims to compensate.

With the help of the (OFAC) U.S Treasury Department's and with the FBI

we have noticed that people have being asked to pay outrageous amount

of money by these impostors for the transfer of their funds to them.

We want you to stop all communication that has to do with these

fraudsters who have been requesting unreasonable sums of money from

you to release your funds which they do not have access to.

Yours faithfully

Mr.Timothy F. Geithner


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