Thursday, December 29, 2011

I forgot to tell you, the unusual thing

You have to read the previous post, but it was getting long anyway: I said something unusual happened angst it did.

I was thinking about the things in my previous post, and I thought "Jesus Christ is..." as kind of a mental exercise, to see if I could be Truthful, accurate and succinct, like that ideal religious idea I describe, you see-- but also to see what might pop into my head, as a way to better understand...

And at that precise moment there was a bright flash, like a flash of lightning, but bright enough to fill the sky: not just one bolt. It was really like all my surroundings vanished in a blink, and I was inside a bright sphere of light for that instant.

I was startled, it was a little scary. It seemed like lightning, so it must've been, but there was no thunder, and no subsequent flashes. There was like a kind of "popping" sensation, also, like an electrical discharge.

I was feeling proud of myself prior to that instant, musing to myself about these things and working that thought process. But, there was that flash and then I felt very small, unsure of what happened: a lowly, disconnected creature once again.

It seems meaningful: but, this is where the nuisance thing happens, I cannot tell you I had a "spiritual or religious experience", only that I experienced something while deep in thought about spiritual things.

I hope it wasn't something with my brain or nervous system. Really, it was more like lightning briefly erasing everything.


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