Sunday, October 25, 2009

The speed of light is constant, right?

I read this article and found it interesting. I do not understand all of it, but I get the gist of it.

The gist of it is, a new paper has been written that proposes that gravity seems to have worked differently 8-10 billion years ago.

Gravity from a mass is known to affect space and time around it, to "pull" on it, and this is demonstrated by the effect of "gravity lensing". The larger the mass, the more its gravity might affect light passing near it, this is called gravity lensing. Non-visible objects with great mass are sometimes discovered through the observation of this lensing effect.

This effect is defined in the Relativistic framework as an effect on space and time. The effect was regarded as being equally 'active' on both: each would be 'molded' by gravity in equal measure.

But this new study indicates that, for at least a small portion of deep space, that gravity seems to have had a greater distortive effect on time than space 8-10 billion years ago, three times as strong an effect on time compared to its effect on space.

This would seem to mean that light traveling through a gravitational field that is 8-10 billion light years away would be travelling at a different distance/t than 'local light' does, because "t" would be different-- significantly different-- and distance would be different but not proportionally different when compared to local light.

Light is supposed to travel 186,000 miles per second, per second. But if gravity is messing about with the base values of 'miles' and 'seconds' with different 'pressures' applied to each, then that is very interesting.

Now, it seems like if light gets bent, and slowed down, but it shouldn't, then there is where it should of gone however fast in the absence of gravity as well as where it actually did go. And stuff moves around, so the light may be affected or not.

So what is 'there' where it should have gone if it wasn't affected? Well, dark-- light cannot go there, because while there is space for it there is no time for it.

Gravity distorting time at a different rate than it bends space is a really interesting thing to think about.


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