Tuesday, October 20, 2009

one other thing and back to music stuff..

I said before that the solar system orbits the Pleiades, to be clear what I was describing was the 'theory' of the whole 2012 thing.

But the real thing to maybe take away from all this is the enormity of so much around us in the universe. Someone who knows about astronomy and answers questions for laymen has a good description of our galactic location, the galactic plane and the Earth's relationship thereto.

But it is agreed that the Solar System "bobs up and down" in relation to the galactic plane, and that the Earth revolves around the Sun at an angle (60 degrees) relative to the galactic plane. And there are still double-domed labcoat wearers that hold out hope for an apolcalypze, although 2012 isn't circled on their calendars.


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