Tuesday, September 01, 2009

OK, so here's the next thing but not much...

From the previous posts you can get an idea of how the divination systems work irrespective of cultural assignation.

A fellow named Terence McKenna put together an interesting comptuer program based on the I Ching where it essentially generated a waveform that was supposed to represent all of the moments in history up to the end. I think the idea is that he permuted the changes over and over and arrived at an interesting graphic representation of 'novelty' over time because some hexagrams are energetic and others are reticent, more energy would mean more new things happening. He used entheogens for some of his research, and because of that, and because a lot of it just sounds loopy, he wasn't taken too seriously. Not that he should be, but not that he shouldn't be either.

He ended up with the end (or all new things at once, as he indicates) happening in 2012. This was well before the whole Mayan calendar thing became widely known, so that is kind of interesting. But maybe it just happened that he hit MAXINT and so there was no valid return at that point in his program.

But because the interpretation, not just the value, of the I Ching hexagram is part of the system, there is something left out of a purely programmatic approach.


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