Friday, October 22, 2004

Miscellaneous items of possible interest

This is very cool. Dirty Vegas uses Ableton Live software. They use Apple/MacOS computers, I use a windows PC. Plus they have actually sold a record or two... hee hee... I will have more info about the laptop I use at some point.

I mostly sing and play guitar. I have sung in bands off and on since I was twelve. It is very difficult to sing and sound as good as people sound on records, because the vocals are highly processed. Of course, people with voices that sound good will still sound good without the processing. Some people have said some very nice things about my voice, sometimes I believe them and sometimes I just can't.

"What's Here" is a song w/vocals that you may or may not wish to endure. It's primarly vocals, actually, with the exception of the drum loop and one synth sample.

Thinking about it, most of the people who "sing best" aren't in the genres I like to listen to most. For example, Alicia Keys has an amazing, beautiful voice, is a wonderfully amazing singer and talent, and I enjoy hearing her songs and/or TV performances when they come my way, but I do not buy CDs of that type of music.

But I sing well enough where I won't use samples of other people's voices in my tracks because I consider that cheating, A Lot. It's real work to get a good vocal sound, it takes several kinds of talent, costs money and time and to just rip it off a CD to stick into your track is not real song crafting.


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