Friday, October 15, 2004

Conspiracy theory theory

This is new and interesting at this point, I am sure I'll start posting less soon. Flipping through the blogs, and there are of course those that concern themselves with politics and schemes.

This blog is about electronic music, so this will be brief: the appeal of conspiracy theories is the perpetuation of the illusion of control. It is somehow more comforting to believe that a shadowy alliance of darkly motivated very smart/somehow special people is behind everything than it is to believe that chaotic things can happen randomly. More importantly, as a "discoverer-believer" in the conspiracy, one is somehow very smarter/specialer than the conspirators: "ah, it all falls into place, now that I have divined the intricate key aspects of the plot". This provides a satisfying sense of comprehension and ocntrol.

Here is my theory about current events: the world is going through a conflict between hierarchically organized/patriarchical cultures and "guild-centric" organized/non-patriarchical cultures. The latter presses the boundaries of the former, the two are not easily reconciled, so each regards it as a near-final if not final struggle.

This conflict will eventually be ameliorated by a realization of roughly equivalent infrastructure and educational standards in lesser developed areas of the world who rely on a rigid hierarchical social structure with strong leading figures, because it will enable self-reliance and mobility. This can be very disheartening and stressful for the people in these cultures, it is undermining and unbalancing, the people in these socities who have a larger stake in the continuation of the model will resort to violence in order not to relinquish their hold on the reins.

I'll have to write a song about this I guess.


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