Friday, October 15, 2004

instruments, plans, thoughts and songs...

I am listening to internet radio, on the digitally imported site. About what instruments I play... guitar, vocals, drum machine, sequencers, some percussion, some bass, some keyboards.

I have been playing for a long time, long enough that I should be better at some of these than I am, but long enough where I've got to do something with it.

What I'm going to do, I'm using software to write and record music, some of which I program, some of which are recorded performed live, some of which are sampled from live sounds, some of which are from sound libraries. Some tracks will be more samples, some will be more programmed, all will have *something* live (at least just effects parameter twiddling, at most vocal and instrumet performances). I will use licensed sound libraries/loops, I will not rip/remix/"borrow" from other recordings.

There are lots of places where people are doing this, you know, all over the world. Indie, underground, homegrown, whatever you'd like to call it, it's not all crap, it's not all good, it's not all "weird" and it's not all "sane".


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