Friday, October 15, 2004

Today i will reveal my dark vision, or maybe not...

So if you haven't listened to any tracks yet, please do, right here Real Player streaming of course is best if you have a broadband connection, MP3s available for free download. If this blog is read by anyone feel free to comment on the music, esp. which tracks are good enough to be on a CD. My dark vision is that, someday, everyone with a computer will be recording and producing music, the real dark pessimistic vision is that everyone ends up listening to nothing but themselves, but a more realistic pessimistic dark vision is that lots and lots of people with computers end up making lots of music that is not very good, and the art of music degrades, leaving archealogical MP3 archives not unlike the pottery of some ancient cultures where the quality and artistry progresses, then stagnates, then becomes utterly simplfied and formulaic, degrading before the culture disappears. A less pessimistic dark vision is that the music gets really really weird and super intricate to where we are transported into a whole new sonic culture, but that's nothing new, really.


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