Sunday, March 25, 2012

Expression artifact production and seeing across the spiral of time

There is a wheel, and it is balanced, then it is unbalanced. This means the wheel turns around it's exact center, and then the wheel is warped so that it does not. The wheel is not a wheel, it is a spiral, also, and it ever widens, spiraling out from the center even as balance and unbalance continues.

At those times when the unbalance increases, it becomes easier to see ahead to the next track of the spiral, to the next revolution of the wheel. Imagine this and you will see what I mean: in times of unbalance, the next spiral is closer to the arc of the current one.

There are humans who create expression artifacts [this avoids using the word "artist" and so avoids the tiresome discussion of "what is art"].  The nature of the pursuit of creating these objects causes the creator of them to look in a different direction: to adopt a view that allows them to look through 'side, upper and lower and inward windows' of the continuum instead of straight ahead, with blinders on: to observe the current coordinate along the continuum and to either side of it, to capture and convey an expression of the current coordinate [zeitgeist].

In times of unbalance, these viewpoints allow people looking in this manner to view "ahead", to glimpse the nearer coil of the next track in the spiral. They do not necessarily identify it as such, they merely capture the view and convey it as an expression of the coordinate.

But this is what enables the encoded representation of the future in their artifacts. The encoding is disturbingly apparent in hindsight but tends to be expressed in higher harmonics of the artifact: overtones of dystopia appear prior to dystopic ages, but artifacts whose primary aim is to express dystopia are not predictive, they are representative. It is in the nuance that this future glimpse is conveyed, because if the coordinate is effectively represented, the portent is glimpsed as an ancillary aspect of the current coordinate.

Conscious encodings should be discounted as portents, they are not meaningless because there are those who embed them as social commentary, but they are only that.


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