Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Something funny about the name...

I first wanted to name the project "utensil". I changed that for a number of reasons. One, there was a small indie record label by the same name. Second, it was not unique enough to come up nicely in popular internet search engines. But I still wanted to be able to have it pronounced in a similar way. So, changed the "s" to a "z", stunning creative leap there, right? :-)

But: there are apparently multiple meanings to "tenzil" in some languages, and it's a name in several different areas of the world. It seems to mean "dance" in one context, (U Dance, that's cool) as it appears in the title of a song (maybe some obscurity points gained, where 'modern cool points' are deducted: it was in the title of a song by Abe Schwarz, the "King of Klezmer").

There is also a Turkish word, "tenzil" which means "lowering, reducing", and it is a name there also. In addition (and similarly as well, I guess) there is a tranquilizer brand named "Tenzil".

There are some figures in Near and Central Asian history named "Tenzil", as well as a role-playing-game fantasy superhero from the planet Bismoll named "Tenzil Kem, the Matter-Eater Lad". I don't know the meaning when it's used as a name.

kinda weird.


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