Tuesday, December 14, 2004

USPS flat rate shipping, that's helpful...

I'm going to send an additional set of CDs to CDBaby so they have some of the CDs with artwork. I have been able to dub these at 24x and they sound great on my car stereo: I have not been able to do this reliably with the other blanks I have.

Amazingly, the US Postal Service has flat rate shipping boxes, $7.70 priority shipping to anywhere in the country no matter what it weighs, as long as it fits in the box. This is helpful.

Something else, which basically breaks all the other links to streaming mp3s in this blog, which is a drag but which I will go back and fix, is that garageband.com has a new MP3 player, that is Macromedia Flash based. you can try it here, with the Utenzil track 'Tropikonal (Extended Mix)' its kinda cool.


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