Friday, December 03, 2004

Considering playing live

I think I might like to play somewhere at this point. I've got the software down pretty well, I can load up my various projects and let them go, drop some clips in and activate effects to add some spontaneity and uniqueness.

Seems like that would mean a PA system. I am not nor have I ever been a "DJ", I am "a musician with a laptop, passable vocals and some guitar capability". But I want to try to get the same sound that I get when I play the CD on a nice stereo system. Also, I don't want to lug around a ton of equipment, piled in the pickup, praying that the tarp stays on as it starts to drizzle... my back remembers that experience all too well. But I'm thinking I need triple crossovers and a stack of cabinets to get good sound quality.

Well, went to the music store, and the guy at the pro sound counter easily demonstrated that my notion is quite wrong, by playing the new Utenzil CD through the Bose Personal Amplification System.

I would agree with this reviewer and would not have thought such clean and detailed sound was possible through a PA-type system. It was more akin to what I've heard from a surround sound home theatre system, only capable of many more decibels. I was nothing less than numb stunned, also more satisfied than I would've thought I could be with the way the Utenzil CD sounded.

ok.... well, wonderful, but... it is not inexpensive. The primary pillar speaker unit is 1700 dollars, a sub unit (which the salesguy indicated I would need two of to get the full sound I heard demonstrated) is another 300.

2300 dollars. Hoo boy. If I play out, this is would be the system to adequately and accurately portray the Utenzil sound, and now that I've heard it I could not settle for less. The pillar speaker is designed to readily come apart into convenient sections and easily fit in the trunk of a car.

what can you do... music store salespeople know how to ply their trade. Also, I need to look around for suitable venues, which I may simply not be able to find: this music is weird by design. I'm thinking a bookstore or coffee shop type place where "listening electronica" (as opposed to dance) might be welcome. Also, maybe a dance-type club on an off night might support this activity. This is where it will get difficult: I am introverted, pathetically shy, and I don't have all that much free time. But, I am also not in any great hurry.


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