Monday, November 08, 2004

Results from mastering... pretty good...

The individual tracks sound pretty good. I have 0 space between tracks on the test master, and think I will do this also with the final, and now I need to work on the ordering: some of the transitions are not appealing.

The order of the tracks is actually important to the overall experience of the CD, it's something to get done right and be done with, because it gets tedious to listen over and over again, and then you get unhappy.

14 tracks is what I ended up with, and it's almost too much so I may drop one of the pieces that doesn't fit as well. I will at least move it in the order.

In the car, the bass is strong, maybe too strong. This may be because my monitors are cheap, maybe too cheap... but there is a also a unique darkness that is afforded by this tone, so I'm mulling over going with it. Sounds fine on headphones.

Here's the thing about doing it on your own: if you mess around with recording too long, it gets stale faster. If you are in a group, and you get along really well, then it tends not to get stale, but it takes a lot longer for a group to gel for it to become that way and it is not a sure thing when you start out that you'll end up getting along. I started this project in June, and I am very close to the first CD. Also, when you're collaborating the end result can evolve into something that none of the members might've expected which can be interesting but also a drag.

Right now, the track selections for the CD are mainly instrumental, there are are some vocals but more atmospheric than anything else. Many tracks are new, not uploaded anywhere. I am very pleased with how some of the tracks turned out.

also, there is something that I am perceiving about the music-- it's very interesting, listening to it "removed"... there are pieces here and there that weren't apparent to me when playing it.


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