Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Preparing to print out the cover

Took some days off, but the project progresses...

I've got my cover art in Nero's Cover designer, incorporating my barcode received from CD Baby. Now I will need to print it out.

Now, I do not have a nice color printer. What I will do to start is to find a Kinkos where they can run color prints from my laptop, either by hooking up the laptop directly to the printer or submitting the artwork on CD and having them run it off on their color printing system.

So here I am considering one of the less exciting details of the project: glossy or matte cardstock? I do think the glossy has a more professional look.

Calling the nearby Kinkos I learn that they don't do glossy cardstock via their laptop printer hookups, so to do this I must give them a CD with the artwork on it. This will mean I need to save the the CD artwork in a format supported by their printer, which will mean that Nero's Cover Designer will need to export it as such.

Not buying a printer was one of the easier decisions, incidentally. Seeing as the notebook serves primarily as a DAW, printing will be limited and I know that there are office services stores that would enable me to print out when I need.


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