Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Registered CD with CDBaby

I have done as much mastering as I can, it has come out well enough. I've done the cover design.

Today I've registered with CDBaby. $35 for registering the CD. $20 for a UPC barcode-- I did not count on that, actually, but I figured this would help distribution in general. I have also signed up for their digital distribution agreement to sell individual tracks.

I will not be doing the initial run via the duplication center, I will do these myself. I am using Microboards media by Taiyo Yuden with no labeling, and I will be doing a simple mark to indicate which side of the CD is the non-playable: this is best for the longevity of the CD, and I have control over the quality of the dupes.

As this is the 1st CD, it is titled, simply "Utenzil"


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